Oh, yeah, my roof’s got a hole in it, and I might drown.

(“Don’t Let The Rain Come Down” by The Serendipity Singers)

Our zendo is in the home of our Zen teacher.

In 2007, after decades of Zen training and practice that led to dharma transmission, Pat George purchased a 115 year old house in a West Philadelphia neighborhood and started teaching.

She welcomes us into her home on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings for zazen, face-to-face interview, and dharma talks. Once a month, she opens the door to the sangha for an all-day sitting. From our cushions in the zendo on those days, we can hear her in the kitchen preparing a home-cooked oryoki meal for us.

For the Zen Center of Philadelphia sangha, the door of Pat’s home is the Dharma gate—open wide right here in West Philly. It’s her gift and her teaching to us, completely ordinary and freely given.

Pat is 81 and lives on social security—and her roof’s got a hole in it.

Sangha members are making gifts and raising funds to patch the leak and take care of deferred upkeep in Pat’s home, which is our home too. We are a small sangha of householders with modest means.

We need your help to reach our $35,000 goal.

To date, we’ve raised $26,000.

We invite you to join us in closing the hole in Pat’s roof and keeping the door of her home open for dharma seekers to walk through.


Make a gift via PayPal to (designate roof fund) or mail checks/cash to Zen Center of Philadelphia, 4904 Cedar Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19143. Make checks payable to Zen Center of Philadelphia.

For questions or suggestions, email

Thank you for your generosity.

Zen Center of Philadelphia Board
Peter Nichols, President
Jan Ward, Vice President
Barbara Fishman, Secretary
Drew Davidson, Treasurer

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