Whether you’re new to Zen or you’re an experienced practitioner, you can find some answers to your questions on this page.

Here, our teacher [bob/pat] clears up some common misconceptions and answers some frequently asked questions.

Buddhism FAQ
Zen Center of Philadelphia FAQ



Q: What is Buddhism?

Q: Do Buddhists view the Buddha as a god?

Q: Some people describe Buddhism as a philosophy while others call it a religion. Which is it?

Q: I’ve heard that Buddhists believe in past lives and reincarnation. Is this true? What does this mean?

Q: Why do Buddhists meditate?

Q: How can Buddhism help me?

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Q: What is Zen?

Q: How does Zen fit in with Buddhism as a whole? How is it similar/different from other Buddhist traditions?

Q: I’ve heard that Zen rejects (or has very little interest in) scripture, texts, and literature. How true is this?

Q: What makes Zen special?

Q: Is Zen right for me?

Q: I want to learn more about Zen, where should I start?

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Zen Center of Philadelphia (ZCP)

Q: Where is ZCP located?

Q: What can I expect when attending a service at ZCP?

Q: Do I have to pay money to attend your services?

Q: I belong to a different religion/I’m not religious. Am I welcome?

Q: Who runs ZCP?

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